Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Software Industry Brainwashing kids to observe copyrights

Laws that prevent infringement of copyrights deserve protection, but copyrightowners are becoming insane. The November 26 edition of Forbes, page 54, mentions how the Entertainment Software Association has prepared a package of materials for kindergartners to teach them the evils of copyright infringement, including activity pages directing kids to draw a line to the copyrighted object. Well I suppose if adult copyright lawyers use crayons to explain the idea/expression dichotomy, why not reach out to the crayon experts? I mean, are these 5-year-olds given extra points if they draw the lines to the part of objects that are protected by 17 USC 102(a) but not 102(b)? Do 5 years old understand the difference between Due Process vagueness, and Do-Poo-Poo Nappiness? What next, brand "102(a)" onto the feets of all newborne babies? Think of this silly law: "Copyright law and 5 year olds."


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