Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Football clairvoyance

Writing about nitty-gritty of sports, I always try to take a glance back at past season or two and distill some useful, reproducible statistics. Just like everyone else, I use football picks, at Comcast. net 's NFL standings section, a good source for those who are truly clairvoyant about every game, who have the sense of humor, and take some potshots. That is where someone can get the inspiration and enjoy those Good Teams Selection weeks. I always enjoyed Week 4. It's the last week before the Really Good Teams separate themselves from the Good Teams and the Up-And-Down Teams, so I could still eek out out some gambling bargains. Like the Chiefs, they're right at the juncture where the Rams some time ago, when the lines hadn't adjusted enough, when Kurt Warner's deal with the devil was still a state secret, and nobody knew they were the "14-2 waiting to happen." So that's where I made the money. Have you wondered how the Titans don't really make contenders till Steve McNair gets scrapped? One could just recommend that the night before every season he should just drive his throwing hand into a concrete wall. Might as well get it done and over with. He's is truly the Degree of Difficulty Guy, who need a partially torn ligament and a bunch of run of the mill receivers and he'll happily lead you to 10-some wins. Are you ready for an upset?