Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The ultimate in V8 engines, coffee tables, and recycling:

It's also a conversation piece and a reserve supply of aluminum. The empty valve journals can hold 16 slim sausages, or cigars. a real techno coffee tablesource

New idea - earning air miles through online banking

searching for Online Checking Accounts, I found the treasure trove of online bank deals. I found that Capital One Bank, for example, is offering a checking account with only a $50 to start. The account is only available in states where Capital One Bank has branch locations - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana and Texas. Airline miles can be earned on this account by using a debit card, writing checks or paying bills online. The mile rewards never expire.

edit 23 dec 2013: removed the link behind the "online checking accounts" on request of the domain representative.

High tech spiders and arts

La machine's huge hi-tech spider La Machine is a company formed in the early 1990s as a collaboration between artists, designers, fabricators and technicians. Now led by Artistic Director François Delarozière, the company creates extraordinary theatrical machines, permanent installations, and also its own theatrical productions. I understand they use a lot of ingenious, hi-tech devices that make things look out of this world and aesthetic, too. Check it out at http://www.lamachine.co.uk/index.php/gallery/

I wondered myself, what does CD LAN Party mean?

I thought it was some kind of a LAN converted into a WiFi, for party purposes. I have seen patents on this. Here is an interesting site that us brimming full of interesting information. If I you happened to look for CD key crack, you would find everything that you will ever need - sources of free software, cracks, serials, keygens, SIMs, as well as interesting news on new gadgets and games. Check out the iPod sniper rifle, and futuristic-looking shiny phones.

Another business opportunity: pet wills

A Missoula-based Internet company recently launched "Pet Living Wills" as a way to protect your favorite dog, cat or goldfish when you are not there. If you could speak on behalf of your pets, what would you say is a question Mary Ellen Campbell asked when a horse she was watching for a friend came down very sick and a choice needed to be made. "So we called and Called and couldn't get anyone, and so we had to make some pretty important decisions life or death about whether to put down a horse" said Campbell. "I didn't really expect that emotional problem I would have trying to decide on someone's pet." The incident lead her to become a co-founder of Pet Living Wills, "It occurred to be how we have living wills maybe because pets cant talk and speak for themselves we need to have something that will speak for them." Boarded animals or animals left with a caregiver often don't have the proper instructions in case of a pet emergency, which co-founder David Firth says can lead to some tough choices. "Most people just don't assume that any thing is going to happen and that's why people have car insurance, because you don't assume your going to have a crash but that may just happen someday." The idea is the first of its kind, and after a three year process, the Internet business went public just last week.

Here is something for Obama's platform

We sure have gotten to the historical moment when today, the first black U. S. President is about to be sworn in. Many Americans hope that he will make a difference, and implement perceptible, positive changes. I think that our country, as a leader in Internet-driven information, web social activities, and more particularly, in blogosphere, can move the changes forward by coordinating the changes. Because it is not up to one individual only, the US President or a prominent billionaire, but every web citizen to understand and hone up the master plan that the country should abide by. After all, as the common wisdom says, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A good start for the plan, or the platform, I found, is something that has been outlined as Reinventing America. Good point - "we need to change our school curriculum by including courses on ethics and business manners. We also need business transparency platform that would establish guidelines for organizational transparency. This would include specific recommendations for both for-profit and non-profit organizations and government bodies. Greater transparency in the nation’s capital will lead America by example." This is a great new deal that avoid the unpleasant, intrusive governmental regulation.