Thursday, January 1, 2009

A way to add to an idea - Continuation in Part

This tactic has a simple advantageous goals:

1. To add to a previously filed application, without risking a prior art infringement (102e).

2. To enable a partially new entity (new inventor) to file an application based on a prior application by a partially different entity, and not to risk infringement of parent application (paragraph 102e) see US Patent Laws.

A simple matchmaking idea

You might have thought there is nothing new in matchmaking sites, where technology is predictable: personal data is associated according to criteria with a participant user, and the criteria data is compared to each of the group of users, where the size of the group may also be Justify Fullnarrowed by the user. The classmate sites add nothing new, since they bring people together according to an existing criteria, which is a pre-existing group the user might have been a member of. Thus the standard dating sites have not really made any significant strides in web 2.0 direction. Whoever that is interested in trying one out can't really count on devoting a chunk of his life to each site. The time for comparison shopping has long been wanting a directory that compares sites side by side. It turns out that the Dating Directory site has created a simplest solution to it, a hypercontextual comparison of such sites sortable according to any imaginable category: Dating Sites By Age, Senior Dating, College Dating, Middle Age, Ethnicity Dating, Black Dating, Asian, Spanish, European, as well as * Interracial Dating Sites * Mainstream Dating Sites * Dating Sites * Women Seeking Men * Men Seeking Women * Straight Dating Sites * Regional Dating Sites * Dating Sites By State * Religion Dating Sites * Christian Dating Sites * Sexual Orientation Dating Sites * Gay Dating Sites * Lesbian Dating Sites * TS/TV/TG Dating Sites * Transexual Dating Sites * Transvestite Dating Sites * Crossdresser Dating Sites * Transgendered Dating Sites * Shared Interest Dating Sites * BBW Dating Sites * XXX Dating Sites * BDSM Dating Sites * Adult Dating Sites * Biker Dating Sites * Tattoo Dating Sites * Fitness Dating Sites * Swinger Dating Sites * Naughty Dating Sites * Millionaire Dating Sites * Gothic/Dark Dating Sites * Professional Dating Sites * Married But Playing Dating Sites I never thought many of these really presented a considerable market. Now each of them has a matchmaking venue.