Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mya is also the name for higher self-esteem

Looking around at the office, I cringe at the thought that I have to agree - a woman with smallish, sagging breasts has a lower self-esteem and confidence. Especially comes to mind one of our office picnics. One of our paralegals said that yes, she felt "undersize," but her comforting thought was, men paid attention to her face and to what she said, not to her chest. The slightly sad fact is that a woman whose breasts are "undersize", either naturally, or due to childbirth, having lost weight, her self-esteem has been diminished, all the more so the potential for a satisfying interpersonal relationships and wider social life. Many of the women seeking breast augmentation have reported being distressed about their appearance in a variety of situations, and have been teased about their appearance. Women seeking breast enlargement have been reported as being usually younger, healthier, from higher socio-economic status, and more often married with children than the population at large. This woman can opt for this procedure, which can take care of any negative self-perceptions. This procedure has become one of the most often practiced surgeries that garners he highest patient satisfaction.

It may be referred to as a mammoplasty enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty or the common slang term boob job because it increases breast size and creates a curvy, full bosom. Breast augmentation is the most widely practiced form of cosmetic surgery. A patient-chosen implant is inserted through a small incision made in the natural fold under the woman's breast. The woman might have to spend a night at the hospital so she could be closely monitored and discharged with no possible complications detrimental to her overall health. After the operation, up to a week of sick leave may be required for the stitches and dressings to be ready for removal.

I think this paralegal at the office can benefit from such an operation. Sooner or later she will drop by this blog again, and check out this post - because she often and, being good natured, scans my blog for coverage of feminist and other women's issues. Breast augmentation is also carried out at this British site, which has nice and curvy models, and the their name - A beautiful coincidence?

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