Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's all you ever wanted to know about provisional patent applications:

Provisional Patent Application is a part of §111 of US Patent Law. When you are not ready to have a patent attorney process your invention data into an application, but you are pressed by other factors to get some kind of legal footing, then the provisional filing is your option. A provisional application is a simple, inexpensive patent application ($110 for a small entity as of today) that will not be examined. Claim language in a provisional application is NOT required by USPTO, but it is recommended by other offices -a precautionary measure in case of an unforeseen litigation. The greatest advantage in filing a provisional is the right to claim an invention's priority date, and the status of a PATENT PENDING.

I get a shvoong for high tech spectacles

Dealing with intellectual property, and especially with aerospace technology, I am so used to exotic metal technology that I realize my life is least involved with titanium. Now I have to face the reality of having to wear glasses, and might as well have the ones made of titanium. The metal is unique for having a memory structure. The shape it was formed or stamped into a final product would always be the form it will return to, regardless of how bent. I launched a pedantic, rocket-science-like search for a pair of specs. I found several at Zenni Optical's Holiday frames. The one I picked is this one: space-age, defense industry-grade titanium frame and glasses It is a 3739 Pure Titanium Half Rim Frame, with 1.56 index lens weighing only 21 grams, which impresses me as quite durable, all for only $39.95. All that is needed is a current eyeglass prescription. The procedure has been made very simple, I would have to copy from my prescription the standard data such as OD/OS, the Sph (focal plane), Cyl and Axis data regarding astigmatism, any additional data, whether the glasses are single vision distance glasses, or single vision reading lens, the Pupillary Distance, and the Prescription and Lens Type. I see that the Holiday Frames page has tons of frames to pick from. Plastic or Acetate, Stainless Steel, Memory Titanium, Acetate or Mixed Material, Sunshade Models, Pure Titanium, Aluminum Alloy, Rimless, Variable Dimension Frames, Children's Frames, Leading Edge Designs, Women's Fashion Frames with sparkling crystals, or argyle, or stained glass pattern, Men's Classic Goggles, what have you. I think these site has started a pro-customer revolution.