Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Claim Language is from Mars, 1

We never say "a hot pot for placing on said magical pad". "Placing" is a very vague verb. It has become to be used as a noun, wherein the patent has no use for such a noun, i. e., a step of placing. Therefore, these formulaic norms are used: X is for disposing on/juxtaposing with Y = X for placing on Y this norm hold true for temporarily, or intermittently placing of X on Y However, when X is placed and affixed on Y permanently during manufacture, for example, then the formulaic norm is: X is disposed on Y=X is part of B

British Debt Calculator may save us from the financial crisis

Considering the latest financial crisis, the personal finances bode ill for most of the average public. I know people who are still relying on revolving their credit card debt, skimming pathetic grand or two through mortgage refinancing (lucky few), and performing incredible juggling acts with the seemingly straightforward debit cards. What I see and cannot help, since I am into patent law, is that sooner or later, the credit partying comes to an end. The debt owed gets handed over to a chain of financial companies, who start loading up the debtor's answering machine. Some of the debt gets bought by a packaged collection companies, who pretend to be the law, and demand that you start using their payment coupons, and then, through a carrot and stick tactic, manage to dangle an offer for a debtors' credit card. Soon the point of sale terminals start declining debit cards, personal checks, and the cold hard reality starts to kick in. Debt Advice sites, like cleardebt.co.uk, provides hope as well as incredible avenues of action for anyone burdened with debt in UK, and loads of interesting solutions for those in other countries, especially in USA. Many people here in US do not suspect that they can hammer out an IVA-type of agreement (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) with a collection department of any company. Letter Of Apology, Court Order, Freezing Interim Judgement they all can be studied in detail and with step by step advice, all laid out in front of you, can forestall the most uncomfortable events in one's financial life. Their Debt Repayment Calculator is sheer fun.

Avoid Lamborghini at all cost

Beware of making claim which is dependent on a component, workpiece or a system that is necessarily located outside the US (i. e. its national boundary) as it may limit infringement: it would make very easy for a US party to actually avoid using this foreign component and exploit your patent to the fullest, unpunished. Preferably claim this type from perspective of US component. Thus if you are have a patent being written on a system that uses a Lamborghini car (to test motor oil, tire endurance, or moonshine gasohol, better avoid claiming the use of this particular car, and instead, claim a car powered by an engine having at least 6 cylinders, having aerodynamic outer dimensions generally patterned after modernistic perceptions of Italian Renaissance, and capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds.

This is the way to get ready for the Superbowl Sunday

For someone who likes winters sports there seems to be nothing that could mar a nice weekend of outdoor fun. But it happens, a lot, here in the Midwest, with frequent power outages due to ice storms, fallen branches, an odd thunderstorm or just the old infrastructure crumbling and rusting. I visited my friend Vidal, and found that he has a high tech power management built into his house that is based around his own diesel Power Generator sitting inside an inconspicuous shed in his backyard. The power system is also coupled to a power line carrier digital system, which is better than Bluetooth and WiFi, and works when the electric company supply is down. O looked into it and realized that as far as my knowledge of things electrical, I can have a power generator installed by a qualified professional, and I can take it from there. I think I would choose one of Natural Gas Generators , since it running around the town looking for Diesel is to tally unknown for me. I would need a plentiful supply, since sometimes outages last for at least 4-6 hours, and I would go for a generator that would support all of my house appliances, including the gas-fired furnace and two fridges. I also understand power transmission well enough to appreciate and recommend strongly that a gas generator be always used with a Generator Transfer Switch , which deals with the often ignored topic of the switching process. How would the switchover happen? It should not cause a destruction of the appliances that have to be powered. Once the electrical company is working on restoring power, the generator should be isolated from the rest of the grid so as not to shock the company employees working on power lines that they assume are not live. I think my house of 2500 square feet would need at least a 150 amp switch and a 60 kW generator (www.gencentral.com) - sounds industrial, however, why not err on the safe side?