Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How USPTO will be destroyed by the policies of the next president

Let's face it folks, Jon Dudas has been and is the worse PTO Director in the last twenty years. PTO operations and personal have suffered severe damage under his mismanagement, due to his complete lack of management experience and IP operations experience prior to coming to the PTO. NO MORE FREAKING SELL-THEIR-BODIES LEGISLATIVE AIDES IN THE PTO. The PTO cannot suffer eight more years of such mismanagement. The PTO will become nothing more than a registration system for large corporations building up portfolios. True innovators won't have the financial resources to deal with increasing levels of nonsense coming out of the PTO. Which is sadly ironic since both presidential candidates are touting innovation to save a slowly collapsing economy. But sadly, neither presidential candidate has said anything promising for true reform at the PTO. McCain's choice of Palin means that he will be more than happy allowing Palin to appoint more unqualified Peterlint-like legislative aides to head the PTO, and his suggestions for reform all avoid the most important problem - reform of PTO management. Obama's camp is spewing the same patent reform nonsense (public peer review, litigation reform, blah blah blah). If Obama is elected, he will allow Biden to appoint some Democratic lackey to head the PTO who will work with Leahy to sell the PTO to the Coalition for Patent Reform. And yes, this fall, I will be trying to raise funds to prepare for filing lawsuits over next year's appointments of PTO (Deputy) Director. You can be pretty sure that the AIPLA/ABA/IPO won't find some balls next year to defend against the destruction of the PTO.