Friday, September 12, 2008

Another case of pure ugly art is a horse-shaped building

Throughout history, one of the classic forms of sculpture is that of horses, the challenging being to capture the beauty of the natural horse form in a static object. Such sculptures can be made of many materials, including wood, so that a sculpture of a horse done in wood is a work of pure art. Now most such sculptures tend to be life-sized to miniatures, but heck, let's have some fun, be avant-garde artistes and build a horse sculpture the size of a multi-story building. Maybe in tribute to the Trojan horse, itself a work of art in story form. Despite its massive size, it's still a work of art. And what the heck, let's live in this large wooden horse sculpture. Otherwise known as U.S. Patent 5,564,239. All art is art. If some art is patentable, all art is patentable, no matter how many nonsensical statements made by IP government officials and judges, who know less about art than they do about science and engineering.