Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patent specification calls for strategically streamlined synonyms

Fore example, in the technical specification section of a patent, these rules, almost taken for granted, are to be obeyed at all times:

For- use

Wherein the claims section, one might say

said lever for actuating said valve

in the specification the same message, centered on use is to be written as

operator uses lever to open or close the valve

Novel- innovative

in the background section, the novel is fine, but in the specification section innovative is a must. The reason? Novel is abstract, in a colloquial, literary sense, while innovative implies an inventive direction, indicating that the invention is truly an innovation, and not a stretch of an idea that must be called novel. The same holds for non-obvious, which is an indirect way of saying new, and is better served by innovative.

consisting of , including, containing

consisting of , including, containing, are all fine in the technical description, but when it is required to stipulate that consisting of , including, containing exclusively A, B, C

it is to be reworded as comprising at least A, B and C

in all other instances the concepts can be modified using words such as exclusively, solely, directly

plurality is great for the claims section, but in the specification it is more than one

and so is multiplicity - which must be many, at least one

Experiments in past tense always, rest in present:

Never admit any prior art unless you are certain that it exists.

A treasure trove of WP templates makes me think of migrating

It has been months that this blog used a default theme, and had no logo. It has gotten to the point where I do double takes when seeing the blog on other computers, and I need to look closer at the blog title to understand that it is my own. I think may bloggers are in this situation. I have looked for a new theme allover the blogosphere for something picturesque while representative of the inventive and ingenious spirit that is the topic of my blog. I need a bright, orange-ish, tropical, neogeometry shape and sleek Euro design. I have looked all over the EC and the blogosphere in general, and found this theme a great theme based on an office chair with a hint of art and inventive spiritit is fresh, and so inspiring with the chair that is so representative of furniture in patent (or law) offices' reception areas. On the same site I have found this theme that looks like a hint of my EC widget: a tropical spirit and open-minded office furniture theme Next thing I need to worry about is how to incorporate a theme like these into my blog. I have read that it is possible on Blogger through templates. The themes I found on a dedicated, wordpress templates site. If I were to move to WP I probably use them right away, since they have an on-the-site support service, easy-to-follow installation guide (there is always a glitch with my blog's global HTML settings), and the pertinent news, which all make the site feel up-to-date and live. Check it out if you are a Wordpress blogger.

First quarter in 30 years without Silicon Valley IPO's

A recent edition of the National Law Journal reports that in the first quarter of this year, for the first time in 30 years, there were no venture-backed companies going public. Since this is one hopeful route for startups with patents, the slowdown is worth knowing about.