Sunday, July 13, 2008

State Department seeks out the web savvy

I got hold of the State Department's Foreign Service Exam. It is of 4 parts - but the first part which contains 90 questions on general information, all multiple choice, such as naming Tunisia's two neighboring countries, is the most interesting. Each question had 4 possible answers. There were several questions about computers and the Internet. The first question was really tough. They wanted to know what else you needed to successfully login to your computer with besides your username. Maybe a password? The second question was right up there with the first. They wanted to know what the full name of the symbol was that goes between the username and the domain name in an e-mail address. The third question demanded to know what the acronym ISP meant. One of the choices was Internet Senior Professional! That would be you, I guess. They also had a challenging question asking us to identify the one item from the list that was not a device for storing data. The choices were Zip Drive, Disk Drive, Hard Drive, and CPU. The next question asked us if we knew what "html" was. Finally, the last question wanted to know if we understood the concept of "bookmarking" a website. Thus 6 of 90 questions about high technology and internet and you wonder why the State Department and USofA in general is so behind in technology, and, furthermore, on the recieving end of foreign and industrial espionage implementation.