Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Patenting Ergonomically

I have been thinking about remodeling for years. I have admired Brinks Hofer Gilson et al.'s classic American style, which predisposed me to stay and chat with their paralegals and have some of their own coffee brew of their own invention. Then, at a patent boutique, I saw a great Eurostyle interior. I loved it for being so light and functional, however, it made me daydream of Frankfurt and Shprockets.
Then I found at Spacify exactly what I have been looking for. The solution is OFFICE FURNITURE. Just the right look for a creative, personal, yet very professional environment, from boardroom to reception room, my own office, and our coffee lounge. I think this photo captures both decor and furniture style I am looking for:
File cabinets. How about peace of mind through departing from a conventional sheet metal file cabinets? This one is neutral, yet comforting for someone like me, an overachieving, scatterbrained procrastinator who gets gets easily annoyed by having to grab a plain squarish handle and slide a latch just to open a file cabinet. I look at this and imagine myself working at an ad firm, not a patent mill.
I think this chair is right for the reception area and our lounge as well.
Haven't we been talking about Buster Bob? They call it a Buster Bobo! What a coincidence! It goes well with the black espresso machine we ordered from Austria:
Our chief paralegal has been moonlighting as an interior decorator.