Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shvoong going PayPerPost!

I have been searching for ways of making money off blogs. I have tried ad networks. That experience turned into watching cents trickle in once every other day. I did invest time in promoting the blogs, especially this one, but, maybe having missed the blogging business boat several years ago, I could not achieve that elusive popularity going viral. It seems that any given (new) blog cannot stand on its own. It is not enough to propagate it through Web 2.0 social bookmarking sites. It must be exposed to a live, social media which is composed of other blogs.

And that’s how I stumbled upon PayPerPost.

I was having more fun with my blog than making money. I was actually reading Adsense ads on it, abiding by the rules of not clicking on them, I actually went directly to the URLs. One of the ads was from PayPerPost, and I was impressed what I found. Since then I took the ad network code off my blog, and hope to score more with PPP.

I found that PayPerPost has a huge blogger (postie) base, which should translate into what I like to call a viral potential. Graphics are a little bit to large and glaring, but still web-aesthetic, or neo-web. The Dashboard is a bit too busy, maybe justifiably so, since there are so many activities, site news and preferences to choose from. The back-end engineering works smoothly, as do cookies and HTML code. Things get accounted for and registered with pedantic precision. What I found attractive is the list of post writing opportunities that offer upfront payout. What an info management.

Another added benefit to PPP is its own forum, blogs and business features like direct blog-to-email function,( that for many might be a great answer to RSS), and all sorts of tools and codes. It looks like I have not fathomed all the possible services I can take advantage of on PPP. It is so inviting to use so many methods on PPP to socialize or watch PPP TV that instead I feel that I need to concentrate on my first posts. Blogosphere is huge, live and here to stay and, as they say, it's a shame not to monetize it.

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