Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond Angry Snails

I have been thinking of supercharging my 1992 Chevy Caprice, which is in mint condition and sitting in my parents' garage. I remember that I always wanted a pair of angry snails turbo-whining under the hood of a car that really deserved them. But now I am still harboring dreams from the days when as a part of a Ford customer program, I have test driven Thunderbird SC, a supercharged sport coupe, and was relatively free of worries and the necessary science that turbocharger requires. I think my Chevy can be souped up with a Buick or Pontiac supercharger. The car really asks for it. In addition to a Dural straight flow radiator, I have installed oil and trans fluid coolers with thermostats which have semi auto option, for those oil-frying traffic jams during Midwest summers.They are working fine. I have also installed peroxide injection, which sometimes I use with methanol, or mixtures of t-Butanol and Butyl ethers. These chemicals, however, need a better compression management though. I have also installed a tuned dual exhaust which was really designed for super high output engines. Hence, the most logical solution is to supercharge. I know of an online supercharger outlet that has professionals, high quality parts and also a learning center. Their prices, I keep finding out, are very reasonable. It looks like somebody can even get a Mercedes supercharger there. All of their parts come with a full 1 Year Warranty unless an even longer warranty is noted. This is a good place to get a supercharger.

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