Sunday, August 10, 2008

Using real stuff makes Pineapple Express a success

Movie industry, it turns out, has always used legal bud smoking products in feature films and prime time TV shows for years. I have just found out that they obtained the materials from International Oddities. Most recent appearances of their products have been in My Name Is Earl, L.A. Law, Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, among many others. The International Oddities breathes a certain sigh of contentment at the acceptance of their products by key players in the Hollywood scene, in light of their popularity having sunk somewhat a few years ago when the order came through for the skate flick The Lords of Dogtown, because half the company is ex-skaters just like those in the movie. Hollywood is always trying to gage and be ahead of the upcoming trends, and the positive, informative support of the International Oddities product line reveals distinct changes in the smoking industry. Movie crews report almost anecdotally that International Oddities legal bud products never fail to turn heads on the set, especially after the first puff. They also assure that when names like Jennifer Aniston and Russell Crowe end up on the benefiting end of the International Oddities line, the public will want to inhale deeply as their favorite stars exhale. Most recently, International Oddities smoking products have found their way into so many Hollywood movies that it's no wonder these products have been used throughout the movie Pineapple Express. One might conclude that the "fake weed", as star Seth Rogan called it, used onstage at the 2008 MTV music awards was the same as that used in several scenes in the movie, but this is only a half of the story. International Oddities products serve to answer the question, "What were you guys blazing up with throughout the movie, Pineapple Express?", the smoking material in the baggie shown onstage at the MTV awards was apparently obtained directly from MTV itself, was a prop and an imitation, and was decidedly non-smokeable. The material smoked onstage in the cigarette, however, was International Oddities product, being a portion from the actual material used in the movie. To shed more light on the interesting event, it was very informative and pleasing to International Oddities for Seth Rogan to reveal in an interview that their products were used extensively in the movie. The International Oddities smoking line is so unique and innovative, that sometimes the company executives themselves forget the initial shock the public express when they first learn of their legal bud smokes. Their customers' reactions, the company reports, are quite similar to the amazement expressed by the stars in the front rows of the MTV music awards -Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Rhiana, Chris Brown, and Anne Hathaway, among others. During the fake smoke stunt the remarkable aroma of International Oddities product blew into the audience. On the contrary, the International Oddities product line is not a prop at all, nor is it the fake weed sort, but the RYO (i.e., roll your own) legal bud hybrids, which are the brainchild of the International Oddities staff itself. At a recent trade exhibit, industry insiders shared their opinion that the widely-smoked line offered by International Oddities, which consists of dozens of buds such as Krypto and Panama Gold Bud and is known for the pleasurable effect, represents the future of smoking in America. These high-quality smokes can be found in fine smoke shops nationwide, and purchased directly from As the company principals put it: "We look forward to the day when people will accept our products as the 25-year overnight success that they are, rather than looking down their noses while passing judgment on that which they do not understand. Until that time, we are content at being the best-kept secret in the entire smoking industry and a favorite to the underground elite."

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