Thursday, August 7, 2008

50% Off Small Rubber Stamps is a good deal for a patent agent

My patent writing business has grown to the point that I would need to make sort hard-printed patents, articles and client documents into several categories. Inside each client's file I also need to stamp documents according to their status and relative use, just to save myself time from having to reread irrelevant background information. This process is always simple for whatever that is stored on the office PC network. So I realized that I need to look for a simple solution. It was to order a series of rubber stamps, small stamps, like the ones that would say Provisional, Full Application, PCT, WIPO, etc. So I found that Vista Print's Rubber Stamps has an online way of ordering any type, personalized rubber stamps, and unlike my local print shop's rubber stamp selection, they have small, 1.42" x 0.47" stamps. I realized I would even order rubber stamps for home use, to stamp bills and mail to be sent back. Vista Print also offers a lot of other products besides rubber stamps: sticky notes, business cards, free brochures, car door magnets, checks, letterheads, window decals, lawn signs, free oversized postcards, and T-shirts. There are more uses for rubber stamps than business. Vista Print has a line of rubber stamps that are highly customizable and affordable. There are vary from small to large and can be ordered in bulk. Customizable stamps can use any own-computer, online-ready design or use a template that Vista Print has ready online. Rubber stamps are great since they save time when mailing massive amounts of items and you need to stamp stamp your return address or if you have to make the same statement on some papers you just stamp it instead. Check them out, type in the Stamps50 coupon code when ordering, and you get a 50% discount off your own, personalized small rubber stamps.

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