Friday, July 4, 2008

You can see it, but you don't know what it is

Issued software patents are bad, with way too many issuing with overly broad claims. But compared to what? There are too many bad patents issuing in all fields, so many that the glare from the sun reflecting off their new shiny paper surfaces is giving me a headache. That's why some of you have seen me wearing flip-uppable sunglasses - that is two polarizing lens, a holding mechanism for the lens, and a second holding mechanism that allows me to flip the polarizing lenses out of the way. WAIT A MINUTE - WHAT A BRILLIANT FREAKING INVENTION.
US Patent 6,502,936 Vision facilitation apparatus and method 1. An apparatus for facilitating vision of a user, comprising: a lens for improving vision of the user when positioned near an eye of the user; and a holding mechanism, including a first portion at least partially framing the lens and a second portion extending from the first portion for being controlled by the user to position the first portion and lens near the eye. when every extra word serves to limit the scope of a claim, this narrative is too nebulous I know, we need divertible maintenance fees for Congress to steal.

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