Thursday, July 17, 2008

TrendMicro - Barracuda: fang and claw

For your fun with IP, another case of patent hypocrisy. Network World magazine has an article on the patent squabble between TrendMicro and Barracuda. Barracuda is asking for help in busting the evil Trendmicro virus scanning patents, but begs the OS community not to bust the slimy firewall patents that Barracuda bought from IBM. All you need is some junk food and a yellow soft drink (or a sushi lunch) to enjoy the laughs. As usual, the three patents Barracuda bought from IBM are the usual crap IBM filings - little to no non-patent prior art for post-2000 filings in areas where there is tons of prior art - more examples of the "high quality" patents issuing under the current USPTO czar Dudas. We need to reform the judicial system so that, in some cases, both sides lose.

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