Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A treasure trove of WP templates makes me think of migrating

It has been months that this blog used a default theme, and had no logo. It has gotten to the point where I do double takes when seeing the blog on other computers, and I need to look closer at the blog title to understand that it is my own. I think may bloggers are in this situation. I have looked for a new theme allover the blogosphere for something picturesque while representative of the inventive and ingenious spirit that is the topic of my blog. I need a bright, orange-ish, tropical, neogeometry shape and sleek Euro design. I have looked all over the EC and the blogosphere in general, and found this theme a great theme based on an office chair with a hint of art and inventive spiritit is fresh, and so inspiring with the chair that is so representative of furniture in patent (or law) offices' reception areas. On the same site I have found this theme that looks like a hint of my EC widget: a tropical spirit and open-minded office furniture theme Next thing I need to worry about is how to incorporate a theme like these into my blog. I have read that it is possible on Blogger through templates. The themes I found on a dedicated, wordpress templates site. If I were to move to WP I probably use them right away, since they have an on-the-site support service, easy-to-follow installation guide (there is always a glitch with my blog's global HTML settings), and the pertinent news, which all make the site feel up-to-date and live. Check it out if you are a Wordpress blogger.

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