Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the importance of turbocompressors

Once I had to write a patent on a high tech, high-octane gasoline which was about 30 numbers above Turbo Blue, the usual mainstay of all dragracers, motorcycle aficionados and derivatives thereof. I remember that most engines, no matter how souped up or customized could take a gulp of energy-packed aromatic hydrocarbon, high-entropy fuel. Only few of turbochargers survived the racetrack test. Guys who usually like to refer to turbochargers as angry snails were the guys whose engine blew up first. When someone's engine is turbocharged, the turbocharger becomes the real heart of the heart of the car. It is of utmost importance that the engine is matched to the turbocharger. The most delusional, if I can say that, were VW and Audi owners who wanted to tinker with their street-legal cars and somehow give themselves more horsepower for passing everyone else during an ego trip while returning from a hockey game. The utterly important part of turbocharging these German automobiles is making sure that their engines receive the genuine, native turbochargers. In US these state-of the-art turbocompressors can be obtained from this vw turbocharger outlet. They have an extensive selection of turbochargers for almost any make of VW and Audi. If you own one, that's where you are better off ordering.

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