Wednesday, July 2, 2008

on budding opportunities

A can of Panama Gold - a beautiful piece of retro art as well

While analyzing the driving force of an invention, it is also interesting to delve into the macro-ish microcosm of the bud aficionados. I have seen patents and peripheral inventions for consuming them, such as unique bongs (all-glass microbubblers, multi-stage gas expanders, heat exchangers, smoke purifiers(?)) all-glass purpose-built carburetors - so many, in fact, that just posting GIF drawings of them I would exhaust the image capacity of my Blogger account.

I know first-hand from the inventors of the above, most of whom did not go through with applying for a patent on their ideas (and working models), that such masterpieces of combustion technology, gas thermodynamics and glass blowing are too sophisticated for plain old, humble (even though they may be Humboldt County), scrawny and stifled buds.

The buds deserving of the above high-tech masterpieces are the ones found at International Oddities. They offer buds that are works of art, besides masterpieces of agriculture, and leave one hoping that banzai trees were that gorgeous.

It is sufficient to look at their landing page - the names like Skyscraper, Panama Gold, Dro, Bahli, Herbal represent what must be Guinness record breakers in this mini-agriculture. For example, Herbal Black "O" produces "a soft black solid resin smoke - a very popular smoke in the 60's."

Krypto are impressively big buds, of "supreme quality and freshness - the impressive bright green buds are stunning and a pleasure to experience. The result of years of experiments and testing, this ultra potent product will have you marveling at the texture, taste, smell and smoke of this flagship herbal bud only available from International Oddities." Whoever tries Krypto, gets an opportunity to "blow a smoke ring to the stars with the Worlds most unique smoking experience". Sounds like if someone is a productive, healthy and a well-organized individual who knows how to control the effects of alcohols contained within said buds, it is that individual who would stand to derive harmless pleasure out of this unique experience.

Back in college I knew an A- student who studied pre-med biology, trumpet and piano at night through private lessons, volunteered at an English as a second language academy, and dabbled in glassblowing for art and his own bud enjoyment. This student appeared to have benefited from mind -opening and improvement potential that the bud alcohols offered. He never abused the substance. He is a leading neurologist(sic!) now. Go figure.

Regarding the International Oddities' legal disclaimer, I am impressed, as a paralegal -

By ordering any products offered by International Oddities Inc. (hereafter known as I.O.) I accept and agree to the following terms and conditions of sale. Our products are not to be sold or used by anyone under 18 years of age. Purchaser agrees that all smoking products acquired are for their own tobacco alternative use. That is to say that as an alternative to tobacco usage, I.O. Inc.™ smoking products have no other use intended or implied. Purchaser will abide by all laws and regulations in their governing state as they may relate to our products. I am in good health and have no medical or mental conditions. Understanding that these tobacco alternative products have no other use intended or implied, I do not intend to use any product for other than its intended purpose, and do not intend to use any product for any illegal purposes. User understands that these products are not intended for illegal use or in conjunction with any illegal substances. Our products do not contain marijuana, nor are they offered as legal marijuana, marijuana alternatives, legal highs, herbal highs or presented or labeled as such.

My college friend might have enjoyed this service.

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