Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Search engine flytrap (dusgusting) patent applied for

A patent search expert has just informed us of a quite abusive patent application filed, the sole purpose thereof is for attracting search engine (read:Google) hits. The patent offices might want to come up with a rule to cancel such fecal matter. The Patent search expert's observation: "Truly disgusting." If you look at this patent you'll see it's designed to be a magnet for hits when using keyword searches. 1376 pages of gibberish. Unless this gets removed many of us are going to be seeing this day after day after day. WO07081519A2: GENIUS ADAPTIVE DESIGN (World Intellectual Property Organization number) 2007-07-19 Abstract: Explore interesting inventions inside, conceived by our genius idea generator. Discover history's most effective method in conceiving novel uses for existing electronic technology. License huge domains of intellectual property from the invention directory our system helped develop. The searcher can find one of our interesting inventions in this patent application via our LicenseItToday.com, etc. Call our California Headquarters 1-707-428-5000. View invention ideas, plus 100+ variations adapted for end user target markets. LicenseItToday.com fills out exclusive international license agreements valid up to December 2026. It saves time and money creative LP. over any other documented creative thinking process. Licensees seek outputted patents using our or their pat attorneys. Royalties can start when profits begin. Or you can buy the affordable I.P. rights. Proof is in trying it out. Discover amazing inventions inside today.

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