Tuesday, May 27, 2008

to sum up the water panic

To summarize the bottled water vs. tap water vs. other water wars: this subject plays tricks with the impulsive nature of an everyday consumer. More so, it is related to intellectual dishonesty. It is enough to allude to the fact that tap water contains lead, present due to the soldered pipes, and a consumer is heading for the corner convenience store to stock up on a gallon of designer water. Though it is also enough to mention that a bottle of spring water was found to contain more than a minimal level of sodium, or, even more seriously alleged, a trace of pesticide, and the consumer is ready to rationalize that the good ol' tap water is the God's gift to humans.
  • Tap water rules only when it contains lowest amounts of lead and other heavy metals, and the local water authority is certified by an independent lab to produce water having trace metals below EPA limits. It is also important to consider whether the chemical is regulated or non-regulated (see this link http://www.ewg.org/tapwater/findings.php) Other than that, tap water contains low-to-medium low levels of sodium and iron, which are basic necessities for any person.
  • Bottled water is still a hands-down winner for areas contaminated with industrial pollutants or agricultural chemicals. Just because trace pesticide was found in bottled water out East, there is no reason to start a lemming run.
  • also important to keep in mind: bottled companies often launch smear campaigns against each other (which sometimes backfire when they get out of control), causing a major skew in public perception.
  • but the most important thing to remember for the upcoming summer - if you are planning to do any strenuous work that will cause you to lose electrolytes through seating and urination, you are better off drinking sports drinks.

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