Friday, May 16, 2008

Ride into the sunset

Just another day a fellow attorney was telling me about his nightmare experience that approximated the Planes, Trains & Automobiles the comedy movie. I almost swore to myself that I would never rent a car again. But then someone else at the office told me about how easy, and free of all the Kafkaesque complexities her experience was with Advantage car rental. Now I want to get away from it all, rent a car, and go for a nice luxurious drive to Palm Springs. I checked it out on their special offers, and, true, the page contained the features that our associate has enjoyed. I am into a nice, within the speed limit drive along a straightaway highway in a comfy and spacious SUV, which I see my coworker has rented. I checked out their Easy Rental service, and that's why it makes sense. My schedule is overloaded as it is, so this is exactly what I need on my precious vacation time - no worries. I have no problem urging others to make it easy on themselves, use Advantage and go for that ride of their dreams, into the Western sunset.

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