Monday, March 31, 2008

Holster Spa

Once I was reading Gordon Liddy's Will, where among giving some ideas on character building, he mentions a neat way to customize a holster. I checked it out by picking a Galco belt holster at the same place I bought myself tactical boots, and going through the whole procedure. I soaked the whole holster, exactly per Liddy's instructions, Saran-wrapping my Ruger, inserting it into the holster and letting it all dry in a well-aired sunny room. Just like he said, the leather fit snugly around the gun like a perfectly fitted glove. Moreover, the interior now has enough of tightness that it holds back the gun's grip just enough so the gun won't slip out of the holster too fast when I draw it a bit too spastically. I haven't seen or heard anyone else using the trick. It works.

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