Monday, March 10, 2008

Dude lies before Congress on telework

Last Feb. 29 Jon Dudas lied before Berman's Congressional committee. On Wednesday, Jon Dudas spoke before Berman's Congressional committee with regards to patent quality, at a hearing on patent examination operations at the PTO. Some of his testimony included lies about patent quality. Dudas do so because he knows that Berman and others really don't care enough about patent quality to ask any serious questions to expose Dudas' lies. Dudas, as a former Congressional aide, knows that Congressional aides such as Berman's are not competent in patent examination workflow logistics to know how to prepare challenging questions for Dudas. He claimed that USPTO IMPLEMENTED NEARLY FULL-TIME TELEWORKING FOR PATENT EXAMINERS - WENT FROM ZERO TO MORE THAN A THOUSAND PATENT EXAMINERS WORKING NEARLY FULL-TIME FROM HOME This perversely undermines the already compromised patent quality. My first act as PTO Director will be to rebuild PTO libaries of prior art. Oh wait, illogistically difficult to use these libraries from homework. Look folks, if this was really practical, I would be teleworking in Miami. But I don't, since they don't have the university libraries of the Boston and San Francisco areas. Also, telework can be an invitation to Chinese spies to get access to many technological secrets much more easily than they can by infiltrating U.S. government agencies directly. The FBI just arrested a few spies trying to do that at the Defense Department. Thanks for the thought: Uncommon

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