Friday, February 1, 2008


ANTIGUA CAN PIRATE OVER $20 MILLION OF AMERICAN MOVIES AND MUSIC The World Trade Organization recently ruled that the United States is wrongly preventing its citizens from using foreign Internet gambling sites. Antigua and Barbados, homes to many Internet gambling ventures, claimed billions of dollars in damages, but Antigua was only awarded $21 million in damages (a calculation based on potential revenues). The interesting part is that instead of having the U.S. government write a check for the $21 million, the WTO gave Antigua permission to violate American copyright laws by illegally distributing $21 million worth of music, movies and software products. Which will generate all sorts of new lawsuits ("That Britney Spears video is worth $20 dollars - No, it's worth 2 cents"....). Of course, what one hand grants, the other threatens to take away, with the U.S. government issuing a stern warning to Antigua to not do any such authorized infringing while talks continue. A bit of advice for the U.S. government. "Might makes Right" is a great policy as long your Might is the Mightiest. Thus, you might want to imagine a world one day where the new Might, say China/Venezuela/Dubai team up and offer all American movies, music and software for free from their servers. Heck, with the oil profits they already have because of joke American energy (R&D) policies, they could probably buy up the rights and legally give it away for free.

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