Friday, January 18, 2008

Windows Annoyances, Practical Solutions and Humor

Windows XP has been a considerable improvement over its older
Microsoft sister versions, but it is still plagued with quirks that
make its users pull out heir hair. Windows XP was meant to be
flexible and highly customizable, but the typical default options are
not what most users would want. This and other annoyances are
comprehensively addressed by Windows Annoyances For Geeks and its
companion web site,

One of the best parts of the book is 100-plus pages meticulously addressing the problems with
Service Pack 2, which was meant to get Windows XP working smoothly. The
Service Pack 2 succeeds in doing so, but it changes innumerable
settings so that, for example, some of the network-dependent
may afterwards refuse to work. Karp explains that the SP2,
having done its job, has also tightened the settings in Windows' own
firewall. He also provides tips and tweaks for getting the applications
back on-line again. The book is very structured and logical, and its
worth is in the actual applying of its simple, easy-to-follow advice. is similar to the books' logic, and is a relief for
anyone who is fed up with the insanely irritating Paperclip, which is
an animated assistant in MS Word, as well as with countless other bugs
and idiot messages in Windows applications.The site has a
wealth of resources, such as practical, working solutions, to bugs and
even little-known malfunctions which have been well-documented and are
available for all Microsoft products going back to Windows 95.
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