Tuesday, July 24, 2007

UCICS (U6) Post 2, The Languages.

COMPARISON of PC and U6 terms:

Data Instruction mov,push,pop /,//,\,\\,
Segment Register S: CS DS ES SS @,#,$,& Ordinary Register R: AX, BX...SP,DL {{,}},[,],<,>,>>
Computer CPU MultiDim Array machine
CPU CPU Operation Block
Clock clock Signal Generator
RAM RAM Data Block
ROM ROM Source Block
Buffer Buffer Store Block
File File Pack, Paq, Packet
Code Machine Logic

LUICS ( formerly Linguistic User Interface Command System) Logic-code Uniform Interface Command System is an U6 uniform language that incorporates the following:

AIPL – Artificial Intelligence Programming Language, Real-time adaptive, scripting, self-writing program, also used as a development tool.

ICICL – Information and Computer Interface Command Language – incorporates a network OS and netbios functions, primary interface with other network formats and brands

SLATRAN – Symbol-to-Logic Array Translator- used by the OEM to make changes in processing and memory in optical, optronic and electronic interfaces.

MACOL – Machine Access Object Language

Here is a comparison of the language codes:

Explicit Declare
Implicit Declare
Alpha, number, opert
OS programming, DB&SQL, Math
Object, subject,action
Modeling, simulation, gaming
Image, graph, char
Object-network API
Block, operon,acton
Programming, object,memory,
It is very easy to work with LUICS, since it serves as a very smart and simple HTML that allows a non-engineer to immediately edit web pages, tweak application code, including GUI, swim through XML, and configure a new machine, and enter it into a network. ICICL is the easiest of all the interfaces with the U6 system. AIPL is somewhat of a mysterious, omnipotent code-generating language that can handle SOAP, JAVA, BOSS, and of course, everything derived from XML. In short, the time has come that an photonic station can finally run U6, with Microsoft and UNIX running within the same environment, concurrently, without hiccups, instantaneously debugged int heir own shells, all by the same U6. I have run Frontpage, Knoppix, Lindows and MAcOS API for iPod management. Bliss is for you who do not know what ye are missing.